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Evolution of India and Independence

Just wishing a happy 15th of August to all Indian and whoever wants to celebrate. I just bought a flag today but it certainly does lack the charm. I’m glad the kids around the neighborhood are crazy with their kite and music on their upstairs. It is noisy evening and night (may be) with all the songs and crackers, indeed It’s a time for celebrations.  

Evolution of India from a British Dominion to a republic on August 15/8/1947 to commemorate its independence from British rule and its birth as a sovereign nation in 1947 and it is one of the national holidays in India.
India is a nation which is blessed with diverse religions, civilizations, cultures and languages all inter playing with each other in harmony.
This day also marks the gratitude that Indians prosper in a sovereign, secular and democratic soil that stands for the principles of justice, equality, fraternity and liberty; the golden words that form the spirit of their preamble.
Wishing for less pain to the victims of the blow up, wishing for less corruption, more honesty and better leaders. Wishing for a better India.


  1. Jyoti · August 28, 2015 Reply

    It is easy to take freedom for granted, when you have never had it taken from you… Independence is not only a point of time,its a journey, let us resolve to make a better tomorrow and a stronger Independent INDIA. Happy Independence Day to all from AwakIND, Now Let's build a Happy Corruption free India, Jai Hind

  2. Gopika Ajit · August 28, 2015 Reply

    A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation's flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself; and whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag the Government, the principles, the truths, the history which belongs to the Nation that sets it forth. So always ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !!! and Thanks admin for extending your idea, you did good job!!!

  3. Krishnakant Rane · August 28, 2015 Reply

    Wish you all a very Independence Day. You may be from any country, any place but all the people deserves a independence and I wish you all get the freedom you want.

  4. Anonymous · August 28, 2015 Reply

    On the eve of our 64th independence, lets exercise our rights to freedom of thought and expression to allow ourselves to be heard by the world.
    Stand Up, Speak Up!

  5. Syed Ali Ahmed · August 28, 2015 Reply

    is the cradle of human race, the birth place of human speech, the mother of history, the grand mother of legends,
    great grandmother of traditions
    The most valuable and most astrictive materials and history of mankind are treasured up in our largest democratic nation INDIA.
    Happy Independence Day to all my Indians in and around the Globe.

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