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Thank you for your gut-statement my friend who comment on my post and liked it. Most people refuse to be forward enough to say what they think, even in private or among friends and family. I agree with what
you’re saying and I’m not scared to be religiously or politically in correct. Religion is bitter–sweet in my view, because on one hand, it has given support, moral guidance, and a sense of belonging to so many throughout the thousands of years of its inception, BUT on the other hand, it has started more Wars, been used as a cover for the most heinous of acts known to man/woman-kind, and has been used to manipulate, deceive, and plunder literally tens of billions of people throughout the ages.

“Today”…I see it being used for the later more than not, and I think humanity might be outgrowing the need for it. It’s been said by many scholars, theologians, and philosophers that religion may be the biggest downfall of the human race because it is so wide spread and is used to ”control” huge populous for political Pilate’s. I’m beginning to believe that, that is true, and know that it is so deeply cemented into our world culture, it will take hundreds of years more to remove it.
P.s::What I written is completely my thought and the conclusion what I read about the religion and I have no personal fight with any religious person indeed. If I had known then what I know now about the atrocities
being committed in the name of God by its “chosen people” I would have left Religion a lot, lot, earlier than I did. Smile please !!!

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