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justice would be served

justice would be served I come at the point that fear and hesitation prevent me to get lot of my goals, so I decide is to try and look at the world through a child’s eyes. I came to the point that I want something simple rather than what we create in our crazy, unhappy and cruel, mostly confusing adult worlds. I remember as a child that even though I had no responsibilities and freedom all I wanted to do was become an adult and now that I am adult I would like nothing more then to relive those years as a child. I don’t want to worry about food and dinner, and the demands of my life. I want to lie on the grass and make pictures out of the clouds, I want the hardest thing of my week to be learning my spelling list. I want life to be simple again. I want to return to the day when I believed that justice would be served if you did the wrong thing, the days when everyone seemed nice and good. I want to once again believe that those I love live forever and that a kiss can make my pain go away. I want to be a child.

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