And The River Flows

248423_1467330860983_1764926131_736450_3022805_nVictory victory victory Yes, Ruchita ,its a victory for me.It seems I have conquered the world like Alexander the great! Victory after Four years.Four years of plight is not an ordinary thing.Finally I have got divorce from Luxmi. Now I am free,Free Free Freedom at last,You cannot understand the meaning of freedom because you have never lost it.But for me its a great word. Freedom from Luxmi ,Freedom from her Father and Freedom from her mother,the three enemies of my life. When I received this letter of divorce at my college,in my office,I was the happiest man in the world.You cannot understand the meaning of happiness in my context.The first thing that came in my mind was to share this happy moment with my dearest darling. You know who is my dearest darling. Ruchita,I still remember our first encounter.You were appointed a teacher at my village school and you came with your father to join your posting. The problem with you was where to stay and with whom?And finally it was decided that you would stay at my house with my mother a widow whose son studies in University.Thus fate brought you to my house.When I came back to my village in the summer vacation,from the out side of the gate of my house I called,Maa,Maa and it was first time in my life that my mother was not there to open the gate,it was you with your deep and big eyes seem asking some questions,and believe me  it was a magnetic effect on me,I lost myself in your deep eyes,and it was the first time that I didn’t think about my mother. You can call it the love at first sight. The golden days of my life with you during the summer vacation are the permanent furniture of my mind,it comes time and again and takes back to me to my past, to you. The Madha river is the witness of our love,The river which is the life line of my village and also which gave us opportunity to come closer.I still remember we sat on its bank looking in each others eyes endlessly ,and without a word we shared our feelings.The mango grove the solitary and suitable place for making love also could not break
the ice.Perhaps we were waiting for the proper time to express our love or may be time was itself waiting .It is said every thing in life is distant. And then came the Spring break.The whole village was celebrating the Spring festival,the Holi,the festival of colors.My friends forced me to drink Bhang(intoxicating drink) and in the evening when my mother served the food I demanded more and more and she asked me to go to bed.How can I forget that spring night,perhaps you also cannot forget when you came to see me,perhaps you were also worrying for me,and suddenly I took you in my arms,it was my first encounter ,bodily touch with an opposite sex,believe me Ruchika I have not forgotten the sensation of your touch and I still live with it. We made a promise with each other to live together for whole life and beyond.But man poses and God disposes,You know after my University result how everything changed.When I came home with my result to share with my mother,she had gone to temple and you were there to share my joy,both of us arms in arms,can you forget that?We were so sure about our future,really I was thinking to talk to my mother for our marriage,and you know my mother and her love for me I was sure she would never deny.

Ruchika,sometimes great success brings curse with it,and you are the witness,God knows how Luxmi’s parrents learnt about me from America,perhaps their native relatives informed them that they had caught a suitable boy for their Luxmi,who has stood first in the University with distinction in English Literature and they didn’t waste time.
You Know my mother ,the honest old lady,I think you know her more than me.When my father died I was only six and my mother sacrificed her life for me.She never cared for herself  If need be she would give her life for me. We lived in poverty,we lacked food,we lacked good dress,we lacked money,we lacked everything you can say. So when Luxmi’s father  came to my mother for marriage proposal, she immediately accepted it believing that her son would never disobey her. Ruchika, you know my mother and why she accepted that proposal,Poor lady wanted to give her son that she could not provide,she never thought for a moment  what her son wanted. Ruchika, you are also to be blamed,You forced me to obey my mother,I can understand you,you also thought a better future for me sacrificing your love.I cannot blame both of you,perhaps both of you were so blind in love that you were ready to sacrifice whatever you had in your possession .

Ruchika don’t tell my mother about divorce,I know how to break this kind of news to her.Believe me when she will come to know my plight she will cry with me and will support me. Do you want to know about my Four years plight,my four years married life,four years with Luxmi and with  her parrents,Four years in America?promise that you will not shed tears . But before that you have to give account about yourself ,my mother and my village.If you ask how could I live in America without you,believe me Ruchika  ,you were never away from me.I always had your picture into the front pocket of my shirt which is the nearest point of my heart,so my heart always beat with you,I always breathed with you,I was never alone my darling, your image was always in my mind and imagination.Because of you I could survive,Ruchika. Unfinished story!!!

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