Are you my soulmate?

you are my soul mate
I have always focused on tomorrow. I wanted tomorrow because it was a new chance to live it better than the day before. Somehow if I could make it through today then I always had tomorrow to look forward to, but then I realized that by focusing too much on tomorrow I wasn’t living today, and I offered my hand to someone to be friend and really that moment change my life. I realized today is precious and should not be ignored; it should be lived. I am not in a hurry anymore, but one day I would like to see my soulmate in her (Yes, It’s you :P).

What I Want to have in My Soulmate?
I suppose my ideal type would be someone that is very strong mentally and emotionally, one step stronger than me, that she literally overwhelms me with her presence. I go for the quiet, confident type, you know the ones that don’t have to make noise and talk a lot to be noticed. The type that just walks into the room and just her presence is enough to attract attention, the type that is slightly unapproachable because of all that quiet confident that says she is not someone you want to mess with. I feel I am such a complicated person though from everything I have been through that she would have to be very stabled minded and confident in herself in order to handle me. I don’t trust easily when it comes to girl, they have to earn it, but once they have, I am the most loyal, giving, caring person out there.

She has to be protective, giving, and passionate and listens to me when I talk to her. I want a girl that is loyal to me as much as I am to her and is willing to stand up for me and take my side without a moment’s hesitation even if I am wrong. Of course I’ll admit if I am wrong about something, but at least I’ll know she has my back. I have a hard times and it will be long as long as I am in the process of study or until I get back on my feet; I hope my soulmate would understand and not just take advantage.

she has to have a sense of humor about everyday life knows with all the strict discouraging crap I have been through in my life I am  desperate to be able to laugh and be happy and I am definitely someone that loves to laugh. It doesn’t take much to please me, I am pretty simple, not into materialistic, I am pretty much down to earth and practical, but I do love flowers.

Oh and she has to be able to explore nature with me I have yet to meet the girl who just loves being outdoors as much as I do. I have to be outside during the summer, not closed up in some dark room playing video games all day which I have noticed a lot of girls tend to do lately with their boyfriends. I also love exploring the city, so she has to be adventurous as far as trying out new foods, going new places and going to events that take place in different places. And last, she has to love to eat because I love cooking.

Note: – There is a difference between ideal and requirement ideal is as close to perfection as one can get for nobody is perfect. It’s the ultimate goal to shoot for but it is certainly not fixed in stone. Requirements are those issues in which you have set standards on that are or should be non-negotiable. As with many issues in general in life, in relationships or when seeking soulmate, I needs to be flexible and willing to compromise without compromising their own self or beliefs and values in the process, otherwise one is settling. I understanding the clear distinction between the two is key.
Finding someone like that has never happened before hope you are my soulmate, I could added much more to it.

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  1. Anonymous · August 28, 2015 Reply

    When you find your girl, all these requirements and calculations become meaningless.

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