A Christmas Wish
Arrival Of Christmas
Blessings At Christmas
Merry Christmas Message
Merry Christmas – To A Spouse
Christmas Greetings to Workers
A Christmas Wish
Happy Christmas Greetings
Happy Christmas!
Merry Christmas to Family!
Congratulations to the Graduate
You Have Graduated!

A Christmas Wish

Lights are softly glowing
On the lush, green Christmas tree.
And candles burn with lively flames
Dancing for you and me.
The house is very quiet
As work is almost through
The Christmas tree is almost done
A wish to share with you.
My loved ones slumber quietly
Which gives me time to think,
Of friends not by our side
To share with us this drink
No better time to ponder
The world out there a wonder
When Christmas morning dawns so bright
My first thought will be of you,
And right away I’ll know that you
Are thinking of me too.

Arrival Of Christmas

The return of the holiday season,
brings an enchanting sense of cheer.
We involve ourselves in tradition
and bid farewell to another year.
So let us pray and continue
for a peaceful year ahead,
With song, cheer and happiness
As our fathers said

This comes to your from your friends (across the bay…….over the sea… door)

Merry Christmas Message

Dear ___,
We pray that God will bless us all
At this glorious time
With prayers tall –
In our hearts shall chime
The bells of this time
Resounding and clear,
The Father is near,
To send His Son here
To be in our midst,
To save us from sin
To wash us and cleanse us —
Where should we begin
To worship and praise Him,
His dear Name adore?
His love is o’erflowing
On us evermore!

I hope this Christmas
comes to you
With joy and laughter through and through

Merrily and softly angels’ wings are rustling
With a resounding cheer we light the tree and watch it softly glowing

With the beauty of church bells when they chime
And the scent of cinnamon, wood and pine

We feel the warmth and love that make our hearts shine

Merry Christmas – To A Spouse

Dear ___,
Another year has come to an end!
It is time for renewed hope, for things to be better next year. For our difficulties in the past to inspire us to move on firmly and to find solutions to our problems. To fight for better ideals without loosing our care.
May love be stronger than anything !
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Christmas Greetings to Workers

Dearest ___,
You are the best gift I could receive for Christmas, because the best gift is your sweet company, the peace and love your presence brings to my heart.
Christmas is a time for reflection. When I reflect back on my life and the past years I know you have brought light and joy to my life. I need and want to be with you always.
This Christmas I want to give thanks for having the power to love, I want to give thanks for this love being reciprocated, for loving someone that takes away my fears and my pain and never hurts me.
Merry Christmas,my love!

A Christmas Wish

Dear ___,
We want to extend to each and every one of you, our warmest wishes for the coming holiday season.
“Good news” will be coming your way soon after the new year
and we hope this knowledge will add to your holiday spirits.
May your Christmas and season be filled with happiness and joy,
followed by a most wonderful New Year!
Very truly yours,

Happy Christmas Greetings

This Christmas my biggest wish is for our hearts to be full of hope and our souls to move in the same direction. That our words have the power to bring peace and joy to each other.
Christmas inspires us to search for peace and harmony. The Christmas spirit is stronger than the cruelty in the world and encourages the acceptance of all people.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas!

And so it’s nearly Christmas
With greetings great and small
We send you these with love
Since you’re precious to us all

A Happy Christmas is what we bless you with
Till next year, after all
Knowing you will have achieved
A year of love well received.

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
For all those we hold dear

A merry merry Christmas
Remebering all we’ve done
During the year that is now over
A new one just begun

An oh so happy Christmas
We hope you have fun
The near, the dear, the old, the young

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
For all those we hold dear

Merry Christmas to Family

Joyous Occasion
I hope your Christmas is a wonderful and joyous occasion.
I hope that your New Year is as bright as the lone star that led the wise men
on the first Christmas night.
I pray that many blessings touch you and yours this holiday season.
Merry Christmas.
Love, Peace, and Joy
of Christmas
Love came down on Christmas Day so many years ago and
brought the greatest happiness the world would ever know…

Peace came down on Christmas Day to fill the hearts of men
with all the sweet tranquility each Christmas brings again…

Joy came down on Christmas Day as angels came to earth
heralding the miracle of our Messiah’s birth.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May this holiday season be filled with peace and contentment for all.
I hope that you find what you seek, and that this season is filled with warmth for you.
Christmas is a time for fun, loving care and good wishes and with this note, I send all these to you.
This is the time to celebrate, be happy and send good wishes to dear friends.

Merry Christmas to Family

Dearest ___,
Another year has gone by and I feel we are closer than ever and have overcome many obstacles.
I am sure next year will be even better because my faith and hope are strong. You are such loyal and dedicated family.
May you be truly happy next year. May you have health, peace, joy and tranquility.
May you continue to face any problems in your day-by-day activities with patience and knowledge.
To finish, have a big hug and my sincere vote of happiness, not only for next year but for all the years that follow!
From your loving


Congratulations on your Graduation
Dear ___,
Seems like we always run a race trying to accomplish success.
You’ve accomplished a major milestone to a bright future of happiness.
As you proudly walk down the aisle with your diploma in hand,
There’re many roads you can take as you journey through this land.
Take the one that suits you to success along the way.
Here’s wishing lots of happiness on this your graduation day!
Warm wishes,

Congratulations to the Graduate

Dear ___,
There never was any doubt that you would succeed and now it’s time for you to find out what life is all about!
We know you worked hard to achieve your goals and soon you will be off to college, so enjoy the summer and cram in as much fun as you can because it won’t be long before it’s time to go back to school again!
Congratulations,we are all very proud of you.

You Have Graduated!

Now we know that you are the best;
Now we know because you’ve passed the test.
We’re so happy to know that your dream
has come true,
because no one is more deserving of success
than a wise owl like you.
Congratulations on your graduation!
Human Resources

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