I wish I could travel the whole of my life

blog Travelling, a very meaningful world, indeed. It is another way to experience new ways thoughts of life. Two aspects of travelling, Outdoor and indoor, I am always fond of wandering myself outdoor destination. I want to travel the entire globe. I want to go to every corner of Earth and experience it, learn about it, enjoy the view. I love to travel. I love culture. I’ve seen some truly amazing things. I sometimes dream of taking off and living in different country for a few months at a time. And I want to keep on going… and going. I will travel one day. May be not see the whole world, but I will see the places on top of my list. But I do wish I could travel the whole of my life. I’m going to do it someday when the time is right. There are many things I would love to explore some days. Cultures are just so exciting; I love the differences in people and the way these differences contribute to certain rituals and characteristics within a person. I can’t wait to start exploring these cultural differences. I just wish I was getting out of college soon so I could start meeting more people with different backgrounds.

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