I’m Sorry I Got So Angary

All the words are insufficient to express my restored trust and pride in you, I am speechless at your brave attitude! You are so very welcoming and humane; yes, we all make mistakes and perhaps I have made too many in my life, but the first thing important after committing a mistake is to acknowledge it right away; and then to take befitting steps to sideline the repercussions. Just like the OC for CWG has instantly started the needful work to repair the loss. That is truly appreciable and it will bring pride, honor, and dignity to you and your beautiful place … Great! And, you deserve innumerable salutes and 10000000000 apologies on behalf of everyone whoever annoyed you or tried to do so in any respect, in the name of me.

Tell you! One thousand foolish cannot accommodate one wise person but one wise person can very decently put up with ten thousand foolish folks. That is how good people [like you] live in this world. It is so easy to speak the heart when the level of trust and respect for each other is so high. When I saw your ‘sorry message’ I held my head in my hands; sat down on the sofa and I felt like crying. You deserve kudos. So true and so humble soul you are. You restored my faith in humanity. It is my turn now!  Please, please do forgive me for my irresponsible words in my ”recent message”. I have committed improper accesses. I render unconditional apologies for all that.
Have a nicer life.

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