Incredible India !

Whenever I see an ad on the TV of Incredible India, I start thinking, is this country be called Incredible? If yes, then how? Now, I found the answer after living here from the last 6 month and still I have 3 year to go. I adore it .I wish I could live here forever. The one thing I love about is people actually have feelings and they feel for other people. Indian friends are wonderful. And I’m addicted to Indian fast food. Oh yeah, I like their singers, cultures and listening to the stories that some time people tell you there too.

India, I can surely write pages and pages on this word. It’s not a mere word for me but something which I respect which I love from the depth of my heart.  I love almost everything about India the way it achieved freedom after 200 years off slavery was spectacular (though many people would derogate it by saying "what! it took 200 yrs?? but I guess and I’m sure freeing a country is no child’s play.

I love the way people of almost all different races and traditions and culture live here, peacefully (yet sometimes communal fights do breakout but everything has its pros and cons, happily, I adore it. India is a living example of secular harmony and Unity in diversity.  I love the way youngsters (include me too thou as I am not Indian but I’m here for study) are molded for their future with great, strong principles. Indian youth is clarified as the happiest youth in the world and ask why?? Surely because of the value-based society and moral.

Respect one another is another lesson what I learned here in India. All people are alike and respecting one another is ones duty.

Helpful nature is another striking feature in Indian people. If not monetary then at least in kind or non-monetary ways. I’m the living example who helped my lots Indian and it’s not just one time they are helping and helping continuously by different means. What I learned here is to multiply and distribute joy and happiness and share sadness and pain. I learned that by all this we can develop co-operation and better living amongst ourselves and subsequently make this world a better place to live in.

India has many things that the world has to learn it from. It has relations that are stronger and more stable even in the tornadoes. It has tradition and culture that has come from much older times and thus people are with much more moral values. No one has to get out of the country to see the world as the world lives here, the Incredible India.

What more can I say?! I just love it. I don’t have words to express my love for Indian’s India. I love India and I love whole World, Not only that I love the Universe which houses our Mother Earth, upon which my Nepal is located. I am a Nepalese and I think your country is very beautiful it has sweet and full of kind people. In our country we respect our elders they are more precious than gold.

N.B.:-These were my feelings which I tried to express thru words but my feelings are more strong beyond the reach of words even words cannot shackle it.

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