Life is chance

life is a chance I don’t think there’s a certain standard in how people should live their lives. It’s what everyone feels comfortable with doing and what makes them happy, as long as they’re not out there committing some type of crime that could hurt other people who cares?
To start out, my life is basically made up of lies from relatives, friends, so called gods, and everyone else. I’ve never been an outgoing person, I’ve been myself and no one seems to accept that. I live in a city with no real friends. I have no goals in my life, and nothing to look forward to. I struggle to get out of bed every day, for lack of purpose. It’s not like I strive for these things, they just happen. I’ve had no real girlfriends, or just friends, who treat me as an equal and not some punching bag with no feelings, so I compensate with blogging.
Whenever I attempt something new in my life, it comes back and slashes me like the keenest sword across my bare chest, then the ridiculing starts. Over the years I believe I’ve created a shield of social emotion lessens, adding to my awkwardness with people. Whenever I try starting conversations with new people, I am unable to express the way I can express on paper and ruin any hope of a connection. I need help, because I’m afraid of what I’ll do when I can’t talk anymore.
Some day ago I posted same story on my facebook page and She laughs and tells me You can fall, you can lose, and you can suffer. Your love or your health can be lost but until you are alive, you have a chance to stand up again, to harmonies your indulgence, to won back, to heal, to find the true love. Well, I remembered it written here for you all to read; there would be a lot more to say only I feel I am taking too much space here. I will write my full story someday when I’ll feel I have all the pieces of the puzzle. Indeed, Life is a chance! Don’t forget it.


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    wow, amazing, Indeed, Life is a chance πŸ™‚

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