Should politician take retirement or not ?

we people think that after 40 or 50’s human being are starting loose their physical & mental ability. After 60, 90% people behaves like child due to lose of memory.In all organization after a common man is incapable for working after 60’s than how a politician is capable to rule our nation? Are they super human being or any thing else as they are contesting in election till the end of their life.

I think this is the min reason for our backwardness & we are still far away from development because mentally handicap people are ruling our nation just the problems like inflation, population growth, unemployment problem electricity problem, water problem, illiteracy problem, these problems are still unsolved.

Its shows clearly they are incapable to rule our nation they should also need retirement in old age like common men.At last I would like to say that politicians should take retirement form the active politics after 50’s for the bright future of the nation because a person who is unable to take care of himself how can he take care of the nation so please take retirement form the active politics in your old age for the bright future of the nation, which will make a corruption free society as well as politics.

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