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Think Green, Save Tree

The strongest way to protect environment is save tree. Trees are one of the main creations of God that play an important  role to keep air clean. If there will be no fresh air available then how human beings, animals, and birds survive; therefore, a clean environment is the need for every living object on this earth. Planting a tree can stop the sea level from rising, the ice cap from melting and hurricanes from intensifying. It also confirms the notion that planting more tree in tropical rainforests could help slow global worming worldwide. There are many thing you can do to save trees.
1.      Plant as much trees as possible.
2.      Do not cut tree until there is an extreme need.
3.      Prefer paperless communication instead of using paper.
4.      Make use of internet and mobile phone to promote paper less communication.
5.      Online examination system should be preferred instead of taking exam on paper.
6.      Minimize the use of paper towel. In the place of paper towel, one can use clothes towel or handkerchief.
7.      Make sure any paper you buy (toilet rolls, tissue paper, writing paper) comes from recycled sources.
8.      Re-use wrapping paper, wrapping paper is hard to recycle.
9.       When you print an email, please re-cycle it. Paper is renewable and recyclable.

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