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Why I Am Here?

Why I Am Here?

why I am here? Nobody knows that. There is no way to know it, and there is no need to know it. This is a constant questioning – why am I here? This constant thirst for the why is not a disease It’s the activiness of the mind. No answer is going to satisfy you, because the why can be asked again. If I say “You are here because of this…” then why will be pushed back a little, that’s all. You will again ask why I am here? well, this time you are here to read, I have no idea how you came here but you did that,so….Are you going to read?

Self Respect and Self Esteem are one of the assets to human beings. Self Respect builds inner love for ourselves and helps us to overcome our loneliness. Problem comes and goes, event comes and goes, but love and proud for ourselves success remains there when we have self respect and self esteem. It plays a very important role in our life to know what and how we are feeling at this moment. Whatever we are feeling right now, is the perfection reflection in the process of becoming what we are!. Be Happy, Clear your mind by removing waste and negative thoughts. Give space for positive and necessary thoughts which would help you to remain calm, cool, focused and relaxed at this particular moment.

The day you will stop giving love to people, life and nature, that would be the starting point of loneliness, hopeless, helpless and negative thoughts emitting inside your mind. No matter how much strong, successful, intelligent and prosperous you are, this would definitely make you down, low and unhappy. So spread love to everyone who comes on your way, it’s absolutely free.

Your whole world lies within you. The outer world is the manifestation of what is going on inside. Clean your inner world with love, light, prayers, happiness, peace and gratitude by forgiving your enemies, loving your neighbors more than yourself, sharing your positive thoughts, happiness, success, talking about ideas for living much better manner and not people. You would be amazed to see the world shaping with respect to what you were feeling within you. We are responsible and meant to live a magnificent life. The Power lies within you. Before activating the power switch which is on your heart, you need to forgive quickly and concentrate on how grateful you are for your parents, friends, love and life itself. When you wake up its your duty to give unconditional love, help, care, lose yourself in the service of others by taking self interest into consideration. Don’t think what others do, act and say, always travel on your path with your beliefs, loving and kindness to everyone coming on your way. Be happy for small things which would turn into bigger one someday. Have Patience and say to yourself something good going to happen today.
I don’t know why I am here.

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  1. Anonymous · August 28, 2015 Reply

    "Nobody knows that. There is no way to know it, and there is no need to know it."

    Fortunately, science has a answer to almost all of this… but ignorance is bliss. You may be happier if you don't know and keep questioning rather than know and ruin the fun. 🙂

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